There are many situations that require the use of emergency plumbing services, but they are not always easy to determine in the heat of the moment. There are a few particular things you can look out for that can be used to tell when a situation calls for the services of an emergency plumber. Knowing when it is time to call the professionals can make the difference between a simple leaky faucet repair and serious plumbing damage.

What Dictates a Plumbing Emergency?

When a plumbing issue is caused by a leak or a major problem with the drainage system, it is often time to contact a licensed professional for help. These plumbers have been certified in the area by the National Plumbing Foundation. We have vast experience working on plumbing projects and are familiar with the specific needs of plumbing systems. It’s really dangerous to try and take care of your own plumbing emergencies yourself – more often than not you’ll just make the problem even worse. Call the experts, play it safe.

Look Out for Water Damage

drain cleaningOne sign of a serious plumbing issue is the presence of water damage. If water has flooded out of the main sewer line and it has gotten to the floor level, it can become difficult to clean up. This can happen in several ways, including from too much water seeping through cracks in the floor, but it is the wet floor that is usually the first place to look. In these cases, if the leak is not fixed immediately, it can cause serious long-term problems.

A second sign that a problem may exist is if the damage is in the pipes. If water is leaking out of the pipe on top of the countertop and causing damage to the woodwork in the kitchen, that absolutely needs to be fixed as fast as possible. A plumber is going to be able to come in and get the water turned off to at least stop any further damage to your home – do you even know where your main water valve is? If caught fast enough clean-up will hopefully be as easy as soaking up a few spots of water. Without an emergency plumber this could turn into a huge ordeal involving replacing your flooring, furniture, and more.

Be Wary of Smells and Anything Strange Looking

If the damage is serious enough to warrant calling in a professional, the damage will be evident to the eyes as well as the nose. All problems start as something smaller, so if you can spot these early you’re saving yourself so much trouble and money. If you can ever smell mildew in your home, you’ve likely got a huge problem. A leak somewhere soaking your home that you can’t see. A professional plumber will be able to see that exact spot out and ensure your problem is fixed, while you may struggle to even locate the issue.