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If you need the best plumbing repair service in the Smithfield area, call Garner Plumber today. We provide a wide array of plumbing services with a dedication to professional, courteous service at reasonable prices that is unmatched in the area. We have made a name for ourselves as a friendly, go-to plumber that is trustworthy and dependable.

We are proud to offer our services in the Smithfield area and beyond. We’re a family owned business and we’ve been working in NC for a long time now. In many ways, we consider every customer family when it comes to the quality of work we put into every plumbing repair and installation we do. We don’t leave a job until we’ve done work that we’d be happy to have in our own homes.

Our Smithfield plumbing services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter if your washing machine’s water line stops working, you discover a leak with your kitchen sink, or find a lot of water starting to pool in your yard. We’ll be out there as soon as we can to get your problems solved. With many skilled technicians, we are adept at quickly and accurately assessing the source of the problem and fixing it quickly and professionally the first time.

Here is a list of our most common Smithfield, NC residential plumbing services:


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Professional Plumbing Smithfield

We consider ourselves to be very skilled at a whole variety of plumbing issues. There is a wide variety of plumbing fixtures, piping, and code requirements to stay on top of and we stay on top of all of them. We are committed to providing the best service possible, whether you have a simple leak repair, a water heater replaced or anything in between. Whatever your plumbing job is, don’t hesitate to call us, day or night.

Garner Plumber is committed to providing the best customer service in the Smithfield area to all residential customers. We are licensed and insured so you can rest assured we are trustworthy and dependable. We are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our work is guaranteed. Call Garner Plumber for all of your plumbing needs.

Make It Drain Can do It All

Anything from a small simple leak repair to replacing a sewer line in your yard and anything in between, Garner Plumber is the plumbing service to call anywhere in the Raleigh area. Call us any time of the day or night. If you like, send us an email for an appointment and we can come out to provide you with an estimate. We always strive to exceed your expectations.

Garner Plumber has the expertise and tools needed to professionally resolve any of your plumbing related issues in your Raleigh home. Not all plumbers are made the same, and we pride ourselves on the quality of work that we put out there. 

Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services Smithfield, NC

 All of the water that comes into our home through faucets, showers, and toilets then has to go somewhere after it has been used. The only thing that can stop that is a clogged drain, which can be caused by a number of different things. From hair buildup due to not cleaning or natural calcium buildup, we can get your pipes flowing again. If you ever find yourself with a clogged drain anywhere in your home, call Garner Plumber today, any time, day or night.

Some clogs are worse than others, and need a professional touch to get rid of them. Simple hair clogs can generally be pulled out by hand without too much trouble, but something like a mineral build-up is going to take some serious work to resolve. Using these clog busting chemicals is not good for the health of your actual pipes, if you can help it it’s best to have a plumber come out and take care of any clogs you have – then they can look for any other issues too. Learn more about our drain cleaning services here. 

Water Heater Maintenance

Every home in the Angier area has a hot water heater of some kind. They range in styles, such as electric, gas, tankless, and others. Water heaters are found in a variety of places around the home, from the garage, crawlspace, utility room, attic and other places. Some are easily accessible, which makes them easier to repair or replace while others are not so accessible. Regardless of the type of water heater in your home and the location of it, there is no disputing the fact that hot water heaters are a necessary aspect of our daily life. We often don’t realize how important a water heater is to us until it doesn’t work anymore.

We can do regular inspections of your water heater to ensure it stays in the best shape possible. Water heaters often show no signs of weakness until things go south. When they do go south, we’ll be there to get you up and running again as soon as we can. These types of things are impossible and very dangerous to try and fix yourself. Learn more about our water heater services here. 

New Toilet Installation

Garner Plumber is here for all of your toilet repair and installation needs! Toilets are fantastic to have when they work exactly as you want and expect them to, but as soon as something goes wrong it can quickly get frustrating. Toilets are somewhat complex devices so it takes a little know-how to work on them confidently, which we have. We also handle toilet installations, so rather than buying that new toilet and letting it sit around for a few weeks while you learn how to do it, we can come out and get you taken care of in one day and have your new toilet ready to try out as soon as possible! Learn more about our toilet repair services here.

Whatever your plumbing needs are, Garner Plumber is more than happy to be there to help you out with anything you need. We’re more than happy to come out for something as seemingly simple as running a snake down all of your drains to clean them out to something as complex as analyzing your entire plumbing system and inspecting its condition.

If you’re outside of the Raleigh NC area, check out our Clayton NC Plumbing page