residential plumbing repairPlumbing problems often creep up when you least expect them. The plumbing system is one of the most important fixtures of your entire house and when it is not working properly, your house can be quite uncomfortable to stay in. To avoid serious plumbing problems, it is important to carry your regular maintenance and repairs. You should call your Clayton plumber when:

Your faucets leak when closed

If your faucets still leak droplets of water when closed, you should call a plumber. You may be losing thousands of gallons of water from your house every year from leaky faucets and showerheads and paying unnecessarily high water bills. You can save a lot of money and avoid wasting water by getting these repaired.

Peeling paint and moldy walls

If you notice the paint on your walls starting to peel off or moldy growing at the top of the wall near the ceiling or near the floor at the bottom, you may have faulty plumbing system. Moisture penetration in your walls allows mold to grow and can sometimes cause the pant to bubble and peel off. Stained ceilings are also a sign of plumbing leaks that should be repaired immediately.

Strange noises from your garbage disposal system

You are already probably used to the growl of the garbage disposal system by now and can tell when it sounds a bit off. The garbage disposal system is often connected to the plumbing system and any problem with the garbage disposal means your plumbing needs attention from a plumber.

Pungent smell from the drains

If you notice a pungent smell from your drain, you may have a blocked drainage pipe. When the dirty water collects in the pipes, it provides breeding grounds for microorganisms that produce pungent smells. You will need to unblock your drains to get rid of the stink from the pipes. The longer your drains remain plugged up, the more the blockage build-up increases making it harder to get rid of.

Water draining slowly or water standing in your drains

This is also another sign of a blockage in your drainpipes that should be addressed immediately. Blocked drainage makes it difficult for you to use your sinks and bathtubs comfortably since the dirty water will remain in the sink. Call in a plumber to clear up the drainage and remove the dirty water. It could pose a serious health hazard.

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